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In this industry it's vital to do all things strictly based off of core values. We hold true to ours - An acronym we developed called SPILL - Serve, Provide, Inspire, Lead, Love. Our core values match our one mission. And that is to deliver the highest quality cleaning service, while having fun & doing all things necessary to ensure you are one happy customer.

Monica & Dyllan - Moni's Cleaning Service

Dyllan & Monica

Owners of Moni's Cleaning Service

How It All Began...

Moni’s Cleaning Service, LLC began as a way for a young couple to make a living by helping others the best way that they knew how. Dyllan, a veteran, trained to be detailed, punctual, and maintain the highest form of professionalism along with Monica, whom worked in her family's cleaning company since the age of 12 (16+ years experience), decided that they would work together to help people focus on the important things in life... and not cleaning. In late December, 2018, Dyllan and Monica moved back to Dyllan’s hometown of Palm Bay, Florida after an honorable exit from the military, and got straight to work... Everything all starting with one single customer. With Monica’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the field, she was able to bring Dyllan up to speed on the specifics of cleaning, importance of products, and how to deliver the highest form of customer service. They have worked diligently to showcase themselves as a go-to cleaning service right here in Brevard County and take pride in their dedication to provide pure integrity, excellent communication and a cleaning like you haven't seen in a very long time.

Meet The Team


Veronica H.

Team Lead -Trainer/ Cleaning Technician

Veronica was born in Livermore, CA and moved to Chile when she was 4 years old. Growing up she developed a passion for dance and has traveled throughout Chile and the U.S., dancing on teams and instructing. Veronica is a proud mother to her little boy and has a great determination to continue pursuit of her entrepreneurial dream.

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Julia M.

Cleaning Technician

Julia was born in Colombia and grew up in Chile. She then moved to different places throughout the U.S. and Central America, finally settling in Brevard County, FL. Julia has many expertise, such as being a P.E. Teacher, Writer & Alternative Therapist. Above all things, Julia is most proud of being a mother to her daughters and has great ambitions of owning her own business to help women.


Shakkri O.

Cleaning Technician

Here pretty soon we will have an awesome story to tell you about Emily. So far she's been amazing and a great addition to our team! Can't wait to tell you more about her!

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Tatiana M.

Office Manager

Tatiana was born in Colombia, where she graduated in Industrial Engineering. She then decided to travel to the United States for a year, which turned into 4 years. She took that opportunity to travel throughout the country and collected incredible experiences. Currently, she lives in Colombia in the town where she was born, having the opportunity to be close to her family. Tatiana is a woman with many skills and strengths and seeks to improve day by day, always keeping her values in mind.


Julie B.

Cleaning Technician

Here pretty soon we will have an awesome story to tell you about Emily. So far she's been amazing and a great addition to our team! Can't wait to tell you more about her!

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