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10 Ways to Include Your Kids in the House Cleaning - And Make it Fun!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

#Children, mess and clutter - these three words go hand in hand. But what about cleaning? That's where the challenging part comes in!

Countless arguments and chaotic situations take place in many households each day when the children are ordered by their parents to tidy up their space. In most cases, the response is not pleasing - with the kids whining, fooling around, or out rightly rejecting the task at hand. The other way to get around with this struggle is for the parents to carry out all the cleaning responsibilities themselves. But does this sound right? Cleaning up your children's mess when they are old enough to participate in the house chores themselves?

Is #cleaning the house really so problematic? Is it even possible to have a clean house if you've got young individuals around? Well, here are a few motivational techniques that could aid you in getting your kids along to clean the house.

1. Include Your Kids in The House Cleaning Spree at A Young Age!

Having kids around and expecting your house to be in an intact state at all times is poles apart. Nonetheless, if you're a cleanliness freak, and would want your child to take up on some of these traits from you, begin working on them from a young age. After all, children need to learn the value of tidying up, and this can best be instilled in them at a young age.

Obviously, they won't be able to take up big tasks like scrubbing the entire bathroom, but little things can go a long way. After all, toddlers feel a sense of pride in accomplishing small tasks, even if it means putting the toys back in the basket, or putting the clothes in laundry or collecting the place mats.

2. Praise Children for Their Effort

The appraisal young children receive, in what seems to us as a tedious job, is treasure for them. And this is what would motivate them to fulfill your instructions next time.

Make sure to acknowledge their efforts and applaud them. This would ultimately make it easier to run your #household smoothly and neatly.

There's a high probability they might not have done it immaculately, but they'll get better at it. Before giving them feedback, make sure you praise them. Instead of being critical about their work, give them the instructions for next time in the form of tips.

3. Be Specific About the Cleaning Responsibility

Whether you're asking your nine-year-old to tidy up the kitchen after a meal or your five-year-old to pick up all the clutter in their room, you can't just tell them straight away to clean up.

As intimidating as it can sound to your little one, such a vague command might leave them befuddled. Rather, you need to be precise about the task that needs to get done. 'Pick up the toys and put them back in place' or 'organize your books back on the shelf' or 'wipe the kitchen counters' would make much more refined commands. And the job would be performed faster!

4. Assign Them Accomplishable Tasks

When asking your children to assist you in the household tasks, make sure you have realistic expectations set. Young kids may not be as adept as you to make up the bed neatly or crisply fold the clothes. Lacking the dexterity and proficiency to complete the task masterfully, even the little effort they make should be acknowledged. Be proud of them and keep motivating them to perform their role in keeping the house well kept.

5. Cleaning Fun With Role Playing

A great way to charge up the kids for a housecleaning day is to set up a Role Play.

How about you all take up the attire of a cleaning company and dress up as maids or butlers to make cleaning fun?

Wearing an apron, hat and rubber gloves along with all the cleaning equipment, they would be even more eager to perform their job efficiently.

You get to perform the role of an approving customer as you compliment the kids for all the tidying and organizing that they do.

6. Make a Cleaning Challenge Mission!

Divide the mission into a few parts to make it interesting. Young children tend to have a limited attention span and they get bored quickly. To make cleaning less monotonous for the children, divide it into several chores. The first part might be to put the clothes back in the wardrobe, followed by organizing all the shoes back in the closet, and lastly, mopping the living room floor. Obviously, this goes without saying - there's a reward after the job is completed - whether it's an ice-cream treat, a trip to the toy shop or a #movienight. This way you'll make sure the kids are motivated to clean up throughout.

7. Brighten Up The Chores

It's never a bad idea to incorporate some games and music into the cleaning spree. You wouldn't want this mundane chore to become a burden for either you or your little ones.

Play some music in the background if that's what makes you and your children feel delighted and dance along as you perform your job. You'll be stunned to note how the pace of the work improves this way!

8. Set Up Exciting Contests

Set up contests to excite the children to finish tasks quickly.

  • Assign duties to each child, and whoever finishes them first, rightly done, gets a treat.

  • A fellow mom shared the technique of playing a song and asking the children to pick up all the clutter from the floor during the duration of the song. In the end, they get to dance. This is an enthralling motivator.

  • Playing the color game is a fun-filled activity when your living room is messed up with a plethora of toys. To tidy up the clutter, start with picking toys and other Knick knacks of the same color. This won't be a really quick tidying up process, but definitely an amusing activity for the young ones.

9. Implement the Grandma Rule

This might sound a bit old school, but there are times when you need to set stringent rules and abide by them. This would give you an added benefit - making your children more organized and punctual in the longer run. Don't make cleaning a punitive task, but be firm with your commands.

'Tidy up your room before lunch' or 'Pick up your toys after playing, or else you wouldn't get snacks'.

The children would definitely do the clean sweep as they are looking forward to the next activity on board.

10. Celebrate a Clean House

At the end of the day, not just you, but your children also put in commendable effort to attain a pristine clean house. This really calls out for a celebration, and would be a thrilling incentive for the young ones to efficiently complete the tasks.

Get A #CleanHouse with Your Children!

Let’s be honest - cleaning a house is not a pleasurable job anyways. As adults, we find it so tedious, challenging and boring, the same is the case with young individuals. That clearly explains why children run away from it!

However, it is something we cannot escape, and our children should be taught the same. Making it a delightful routine, and implementing these fun tips into the cleaning day would definitely make it easier for you to involve your children in the house cleanups.

At MonisCleaningService, we are dedicated to assist you achieve cleaner, healthier homes in nominal budgets to give you a stress-free life taking care of you and your family. So connect with us today to avail our services!

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