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21 Day Challenge to Tidy Up Your House – A Complete Guide

Do you feel your home is too cluttered and messy and just stuffed with a lot of junk? Are you overwhelmed by that kitchen drawer that does not close or that rack of shoes piled with dust? The thought of cleaning this chaotic mess can be very daunting and stressful.

If you're thinking of going for a mini-vacation to escape this mess, well, you know that's not a solution - not unless you clean up your home.

Deep cleaning your house might seem challenging, but this 21-day challenge would keep you motivated and help you declutter and organize your home to make it sparkle radiantly in just a few days.

Remember, this #challenge is not supposed to be stressful in any way. In fact, at the end of each day, you'll feel quite relieved after accomplishing everything on your checklist. Just remain consistent throughout, and make sure you clean all the cupboards, drawers, and spaces.

Don't leave that junk drawer you've been dreading to clean since forever. Give in a few extra minutes if needed, but do get done decluttering and organizing it.

Supplies for 21 Day Cleaning Challenge

Before you begin your challenge, keep these supplies at hand to make your job simpler.

  • Recycle bags

  • Donation box - Put in everything that you haven't used in the last one year. You wouldn't need it, so it's simply junk for you.

  • Garbage box - Empty it daily or once in two days. Do not accumulate the trash.

  • Dusting cloths and wet wipes

  • Organizing baskets

  • Germicidal Cleaner

Tidy Up Your House In 21 Days!

Just take a few simple steps each day to embark on the journey to an organized and tidy house. Then, you can indeed manage to take out half an hour from your busy schedule to clean out all the mess that has accumulated since your last cleaning spree.

#DeepClean your Kitchen

To begin with, you might want to dedicate the first 3-4 days of your challenge to cleaning your kitchen. Do not empty all the cabinets at once; you'll be staggered! Instead, take a step-by-step approach to arrange everything.

  • Clean out the food storage box drawer and place similar items together.

  • Clean the utensils drawer. Use the organizing tray to keep everything intact.

  • Declutter your fridge. Wipe it well from inside and out. Dispose of all the food items that you would no longer consume. Then, organize and toss it well!

  • Clear the counters and empty the dishwasher. Then, give the kitchen sink a sparkling clean wash! Make sure you scrub the under-sink area well - that's something you tend to miss out on in your daily cleaning spree.

  • Clean the microwave, oven, toaster, and all the appliances.

  • Pantry - this might take you a little longer - and there's no escaping this swamp! But relax, the feeling you'll get once you're done organizing your pantry would be worth the hard work!

Declutter the Closet

To many, this might seem like the most challenging task. But, sometimes, it can be tough to decide which clothes to discard and which shoes to dispose of.

Love those really elegant heels, but you won't be wearing them due to that damaged leather? Toss them right away.

Sort out your summer and winter clothing and store them on separate shelves. This way, you'll find your cupboard arranged each time you open it. More so, you wouldn't feel guilty adding more dresses to your wardrobe if you had sufficient space.

Organize your purses, shoes, and perfumes properly in the closet. Using storage organizers would help you big time.

Sort out your jewelry and set it in your jewelry box. Consider removing any tarnished pieces or ones that you would not be wearing ever.

Kid's Room

As overwhelming as it sounds, just take out some time when the kids are not around and begin organizing. From the bookshelf to the toys, it can take you hours if you don't hustle up.

  • Put all the clothes and shoes your children have outgrown in the donation box. They are nothing more than taking up space in the cupboards.

  • Keep a dusting cloth with you to keep wiping off the shelves. Set the book rack properly. Books that your children would no longer be reading need to be given away. Who knows, another child might end up learning from it?

  • With kids around, there's always a plethora of toys and plenty of knickknacks that are just lying around. Dispose of all these futile pieces. Toys that your children are no longer interested in can be sold on online platforms through Facebook groups. This can, in turn, help you get a few bucks in your pocket.

Bathroom Wipe down

If you regularly clean your bathroom, you wouldn't have to spend much time doing the wipe down. Here's what you need to do to maintain a sparkling and, most importantly, well-sanitized bathroom.

  • Organize all the toiletries in the shower organizer. You can maximize the space by using the drawers and shelves efficiently.

  • Give the basin, bathtub, counter, and toilet seat a good scrub. Then, use an all-purpose toilet cleaner to get a pristine bathroom.

  • Empty the linen and towel closet and fold everything immaculately. Keep in mind there is no tossing in randomly in the cupboard next time!

  • Pro tip - Inculcate the habit of wiping off any spills or drips here and there right away. This will save you from the extra effort later on.

Divesting Broken Electronics

Over time, a lot of broken electronic items find room in a cluttered cupboard. From a malfunctioning laptop to a broken iron and numerous wires, they are just taking up the extra space.

Take out a day to sort out this junk. Discarding electronics into a landfill wouldn't be a great option. Instead, try selling them through Facebook groups or directly to the electronic store where the items could be utilized better.

Deep Cleaning - Dusting and Floor Cleaning

We're doing the cleanup challenge, so you need to gear up with your bristle dusting brush to wipe off and scrub everything - from the windows to the sofas, carpets, and furniture. It would be efficient to allocate one day to each room to ensure you don't leave the dust on any corner.

  • Open the windows and smother all the dust and debris that has accumulated over time. You'll feel rejuvenated when fresh air enters your rooms.

  • Don't forget the mirrors. They need some shining too.

  • Scrub and vacuum all the carpets and rugs in your home. It might not be apparent, but these surfaces contain a lot of germs. Don't hesitate to hire a #cleaningservice to assist you with the job. You'll get done with cleaning the carpets in simply a day or two.

  • Mop and sweep the floor with anti-bacterial solutions to make them spot clean and germ-free.

21 Day Challenge – A Clean Home!

Though it might seem quite challenging to delve into the messy clutter and dedicate yourself towards creating a clean, organized, and decluttered home, accomplishing the #21daycleaningchallenge is quite simple. After all, your home is a safe haven, and you wouldn't want the experience of living here to be dreadful!

It's just the tiny steps that matter. As you pick a task each day, try to instill the habit of incorporating these habits into your daily routine. Rest assured, cleaning and organizing your home wouldn't seem a hassle then!

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