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The most awaited time of the year, the #Holiday season, is finally here. With the holiday preparations at peak, it's never a bad idea to get a quick getaway from the ubiquitous routine to enjoy a fun-filled, thrilling experience to mark the end of the year.

#Florida's Space Coast is just the right place for you. Offering a plethora of activities to celebrate the festivities, from the many attractions to explore and the breathtaking natural landscapes to relish, the #SpaceCoast is the perfect destination to relax, rejuvenate and relish the upcoming holiday with your #family.

The spirits for the Holiday season are skyrocketing at the Space Coast, with many of the noteworthy events and thrilling holiday experiences taking place, sprinkled with glamorous lights and stunning holiday decorations, amplifying the holiday vibes to an all-new level.

Take a look at the list of joyful activities you can enjoy at Space Coast and make cherishing memories this Holiday season.

1. Surfing Santa's

Are you dreaming of a splashy surfing Christmas? The Space Coast will make your dream come true.

Enjoy an exhilaratingly fun-filled experience on Christmas Eve that you've never witnessed before. In the heart of Central Florida's East Coast, Surfing Santa's is one of the most awaited events

of the year, as surfers from all over the coast gather together for an enthusiastically terrific surfing competition.

Visitors can relish the spectacular experience with the rejuvenating live music and numerous festive competitions. Then, jump into the sea and hit the waves with tons of other participants to have a lifetime experience of Christmas Eve. You could, in addition, soak up in the pristine sand of the Space Coast as you relax in the tranquility of the #beaches.

More so, you can join the Surfing Santa surfing lessons on the weekend before the thrilling event takes place. It's a wonderful opportunity for you and your kids to get your hands on a new skill while vacationing at the Space Coast.

2. Space Coast #LightFest

We bet you've never seen such a stunning sight before. As the Holiday season approaches, more than 3 million twinkling holiday lights would ignite the sky at Wickham Park in Melbourne. Emblazoned with an array of illuminations, the annual celebration at the Light Fest features mesmerizing shimmery lights and animated displays.

The drive-through event of the year at Space Coast gives fascinating winter wonderland vibes as you drive through the 1.1-mile flamboyant park transformed into a merry, bright, and glamorous site.

Attracting more than 15000 families each year to entice the stunning Light Fest, don't miss out on this memorable family experience as the drive leaves you breathtakingly stunned.

3. Holidays in Space

To celebrate the Holiday Season to the fullest, spend your days at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex as you enjoy the mesmerizing holiday vibes all around. Indulge yourself in the thrilling winter wonderland, featuring an array of activities, including ice skating, illuminating lights, and holiday decor, the place is indeed a treat to visit during the holiday season.

Enjoy an exotically fun-filled day on the Space Coast. From taking a selfie with the #NASA meatball at the entrance to capturing the Space Person in their holiday gear, your visit would be full of enchanting sights.

4. Tour of Historic Homes

Take a look back at the celebrations just a few centuries ago as you commence your journey to the Annual Holiday Tour of the Historic Homes.

Immerse yourself in the events of the day during your visit to the eight Space Coast Historic Homes in the Brevard Museum. The mind-blowing, unique architecture, intriguing recollections topped up with the gorgeous Holiday decorations of the Historic Houses make the visit even more note-worthy.

You definitely can't miss out on this incredible opportunity at Space Coast!

5. Holiday Feast on Fishing Trip

Along with the many festive boat parades that take place to celebrate the festivities of the holiday season, the Fishing Trip to spend quality time with your family is another phenomenal experience at the Space Coast.

Among the many forces that bring the family together during the Holiday season, spending a tantalizing evening on a fishing trip out in the sea, far from the bustles of life, is one of the most delightful experiences.

Port Canaveral, a popular fishing point, lets you board the boat with several fishing captains ready to serve you for your exciting offshore trip. Are you prepared to step onto another fun-filled lifetime experience to hunt for the trophy fish for Christmas Eve?

Holiday At Space Coast

Apart from the numerous attractions offered at the Space Coast to make the holiday season one of the most memorable, the Space Coast is a perfect holiday destination.

With luxurious accommodations, a wide range of restaurants to satiate the taste palettes of everyone, and a range of downtown shopping districts to buy the quaint collectibles and elegant last-minute gifts, it is a great option to explore.

We hope this holiday season brings the best for you. So celebrate it with great vigor as we hope to see you at Florida’s Space Coast.

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