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New Year’s is a chance for homeowners to make changes in their lives and homes. Whether you want to save money on cleaning bills or want an overall cleaner home—a few small changes can have a significant impact on your lifestyle.

Millions of people set New Year's resolutions every year, be it saving up, losing weight, or cutting back on bad habits; the New Year is a fantastic time to commit to making improvements.

Being better organized and keeping a tidy house are two of the most frequent resolutions. So, here are five New Year's cleaning resolutions you could adopt to assist you in reaching your goals in 2022.


The week following the holidays is ideal for establishing the "one in, one out" rule. Before the kids put their new toys and clothing away, have them fill up a bag for charity. Go through your Christmas decorations and discard those that don't have sentimental significance or have seen better days.

Clean through your wardrobe and drawers, donating any clothes that no longer fit, are out of style, or, in the words of Marie Kondo, "no longer spark joy". Graphic shirts are good for working out or for household hobbies like painting, but there's no reason you should acquire a dozen or more of them.

Toss out any shampoos or cosmetics that have passed their expiration date on your bathroom vanity. You may donate travel-size toiletries from hotel stays to a local shelter if you have a drawer full of them.


Cleaning products, unlike food, do not often have short use-by dates. Buying them when they are on sale might save you money in the long term.

Purchase your favorite cleaning goods on sale and put them in an under-stairs cabinet or even your garage.

Use any vouchers or discounts you find. Always have a well-stocked pantry, as running out of something frequently means paying the total price at a convenience shop.


Cleaning your kitchen as you use it might save you countless hours that you may have to put in later when you decide to clean it all at once. Rather than leaving it to pile up every day, try to clear away plates and bowls and clean the dishes after you've finished eating.

Frequently, you can do the dishes while your dinner is cooking and attempt to scrub and clean kitchen surfaces as soon as possible afterward.

Also, once a week, vacuum and clean your kitchen floor later in the evening. Cleaning after your family has gone to bed allows the floor to dry overnight without being soiled.


You can stay ahead of your game by taking out a few minutes every day to tidy up your room. When you get into the habit of cleaning your room, you are doing yourself a huge favor. This is because not only are you getting rid of all the dust and dirt collecting on your furniture, but you’re also saving up on money that you may have to spend on your furniture if you do not maintain cleanliness.


Acting on the resolutions may make your home lovely, but is it secure? There are several measures that every person should take to guarantee that they are not living in an environment with a possible health risk or a fire danger.

First, check for radon in your home. As per the Environmental Protection Agency, this colorless, odorless gas causes around 21,000 cancer deaths each year because of the radioactive elements it collects in your lungs while you inhale. Excessive amounts are found in one out of every fifteen houses. And with test kits as low as $20 at your neighborhood hardware shop, there's no excuse not to get started right now.

While we're on the topic of dangerous gasses, make sure to install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, in addition to fire detectors, on each floor. Carbon monoxide may enter your home and kill you if a furnace vent becomes clogged.

Also, keep an eye out for lint trapped in your dryer. We know you clean the little trap inside the door, but most people overlook the vents and ducts behind the dryer. Lint may appear harmless but it is highly flammable and is responsible for more than fifteen-thousand structure fires each year.


Maintaining a cleaner home will not only save you money in the long run but will also provide you with a clean space to breathe in. Make sure you’re taking the suitable measures and doing what you can to clean up after yourself because dirt build-up will not look pretty once you get down to clean it.

At MonisCleaningService, we are dedicated to assist you achieve cleaner, healthier homes in nominal budgets to give you a stress-free life taking care of you and your family. So connect with us today to avail our services!

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