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6 Ways You Can Help to Keep Our Space Coast Beaches and Ocean Clean and Beautiful

The splendid #SpaceCoastofFlorida offers one of the best natural attractions. The extensive shoreline, diverse estuaries, and national wildlife refuges make the place a remarkable spot for tourists and locals.

Amidst the beauty and serenity of sunbathing, swimming, and fishing activities at Space Coast, people often tend to miss out on the essential element of preserving the natural environment. The beaches and oceans are quite often taken for granted, with tons of pollution finding its way to the beaches and oceans each year. Despondently, this causes serious dangers to our marine life.

Spoiling the coast and oceans wouldn't just wreck the marine environment, but the accumulation of this debris is a far greater problem for us.

Actively protecting our ocean and preserving the natural habitat of an array of living creatures is really important. Positive steps to protect our environment will go a long way!

6 Ways to Keep Our Space Coast Clean

Coming together, we all can play our role to protect our coast and prevent any trash from entering the waterways and polluting our beaches. All we need is to alter our practices and implement behaviors to attain a cleaner environment of our dynamic Space Coast with an incredibly diverse ecosystem.

1. Pick Up Your Litter

The issue of garbage disposal is prevalent all around the globe, including the Space Coast. We highly urge tourists and local visitors to manage their litter efficiently. Throwing the garbage on the beaches ultimately finds its way into the ocean, which has devastating effects on marine plants and animals and annihilates the water quality.

As a responsible individual, make sure to pick up all your trash rather than scattering it around. From empty water bottles, snack wrappers to soda cans, plastic bags, balloons, plastic toys, dirty diapers, do not leave anything behind as they can pose a severe environmental problem. In addition, many #seaanimals and birds might ingest these harmful substances, which are detrimental to their lives.

At Space Coast Beaches, specific receptacles for garbage are placed at different spots. More so, garbage bags are also available to accumulate your waste, and throw it all at once. Hence, instead of leaving the litter on the shore to contaminate the ocean, throw it in the trash cans when you're heading back home.

Play your role to control #pollution and #preserve the natural spaces.

2. Properly Dispose of The Fishing Gear

The many aquatic sources at the Space Coast, from the freshwater lakes to the Brackish waters and the Atlantic Ocean, offer many fishing opportunities for the locals and tourists.

While pompously reeling in the meal for the day, many people end up improperly disposing of the fishing gear, including the line and bait, without realizing the plausible harm it might cause to the wildlife.

The carcasses of the fish are sometimes left lying on the shore, which are consumed by birds such as the pelicans. The sharp bones can be dangerous for these scavengers and cause troubles in their dietary behavior.

At Space Coast, numerous facilities are provided to make #fishing a fun leisure, along with easy disposal of the trash. Tubes are placed at the piers and fishing spots to dispose of the fishing lines and tangled filaments, and other remains. Make sure you don't leave any fishing equipment behind that might have an adverse impact.

3. Regulate The Use of Plastic

Mitigate the use of #plastic products as much as you can. At Space Coast, many beachside restaurants have adopted a highly eco-conscious approach to protecting the environment. At many of these restaurants, you might not even find plastic straws unless you request one. More so, efforts are also being made to drift away from single-use plastic products.

This ocean-friendly approach isn't just confined to the beaches. As responsible individuals, it is crucial to cut down our plastic consumption in our everyday lives. Plastic waste that is ultimately deposited into the ocean through the waterways has devastating consequences. The plastic plague is destroying our environment, killing millions of wildlife species and sea creatures each year.

We need to manage our plastic consumption to minimize the amount of plastic waste entering our oceans. Amend your lifestyle slightly and switch to recyclable products.

Our actions - combined together - can help save our oceans and marine life.

4. Monitor What You Dispose

Each day, you dump countless things in the garbage can without giving a second thought of where they might end up and the impact on the environment. Items like wet wipes, floss, cat litter, pesticides, medicines, paints, and even chewing gum all can find their way into the water streams and ultimately end up in the rivers and oceans.

Do you know the impact it can have on marine life? These items can be a severe threat to marine life if ingested or might harm the sea creatures physically.

Be careful of the garbage you dispose of, and try not to flush any of the harmful substances down the drain which might find their way into the ocean.

5. Join a Beach Clean-Up Campaign

While vacationing or even being a resident here, it's a great idea to join a campaign hosted by the many local businesses.

After all, the Space Coast is a serenely beautiful coast of Florida, attracting thousands of tourists each year. So going the extra mile to keep the beach clean and safe for everyone would be a great experience!

6. Donate for Beach Cleaning Drives

If you're a tourist or don't live quite close to the Space Coast, or don't have time to assist in the clean-up drives, you could extend your support by donating to the many charities that are constantly engaged in conservation efforts to protect our natural environment.

A Clean Space Coast for A Better Future!

Essential to recognize the importance of our natural surroundings, the true spirit lies in the profound desire to preserve the Space Coast for a greener, brighter and beautiful future.

From its aesthetic beaches to the radiant lakes and riversides, together, we need to tackle pollution problems and commit to keeping the Space Coast remarkably clean.

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