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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Waking up an hour before work and rushing to get ready, you take a shower at lightning speed and grab a bite and some coffee before throwing yourself out the door. How many of us can relate to this lifestyle?

Still, repeating the same routine everyday may make you feel overwhelmed and discombobulated and long before the week is over, you begin to feel burned out and know that you have not given your best, at work and at home both.

To maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, one must analyze the night routine they have because it primes you for success. An established night time routine will help you achieve more, think with a level-head, and channel your energy in the direction that actually matters.

All it takes is discipline with established routines that will set you up for success.

Here are 7 night routine habits you can implement to make your mornings feel perfect.

1. Maintain A Work-Life Balance

Transitioning from work life to home life should be as smooth as possible and it’s a lot easier than you may think. It could essentially mean spending an hour doing what you like the best after work whether that is working out, catching up with a friend or developing that new hobby.

After you’re done with that, you could change into your pajamas and go about your night time routine.

2. Clean Up Before Bed

Waking up to a messy room is not the most motivating way to start your mornings. You need to get into the habit of cleaning up and decluttering your room before you go to bed.

Well, the good news is that it only takes about ten to twenty minutes a night to tidy up to reduce stress in the morning and intense cleaning sessions on the weekends. First thing you must do after you change out of work clothes is tidy up your room because doing so will offer you a sense of fulfillment.

3. Reflect on Your Day

It’s easy to beat yourself up over things you did not manage to achieve but you’re still human. To remind yourself of your victories for the day, you need to take a few moments before going to bed and reflect on your wins for the day.

No matter how small or big they are—you still need to celebrate yourself in order to put things into perspective and give yourself the necessary encouragement for the next morning.

You may do this in a number of ways, such as writing things down in a notebook, a gratitude diary, or a phone app.

4. Set Your Priorities for the Next Day

Before you prepare yourself to go straight to bed, review your priorities. Check your planner for your top priorities for the next day. If you don’t have a planner, you must invest in one because planners help align your priorities better and keep your head above water when you’re busier than usual.

Reviewing important tasks for the next morning reduces the risk of you forgetting about them all the while keeping your brain from running on autopilot.

5. Prepare the Night Before

To cut the amount of thinking you need to do in the morning, make sure you take time to prepare things the night before. For example, you could pick out clothes you want to wear for tomorrow, prepare your breakfast/lunch you’ll eat the next morning, and organize work related materials that you may need to take with you to work.

The less time you spend the next morning on inconsequential things, the more energy you’ll have for the things that actually matter.

6. Writing in Your Journal

One thing happens after the other during the day, in between rushing and working, you could possibly lose the important moments of your day to nothingness. So, what you can do before going to sleep is write down a few things that you think you need to get off your chest—could be emotions, important activities, etc.

Just make sure you give yourself the time to process your day and get things off your chest.

7. Practicing Sleep Hygiene

Before going to bed you need to take care of one thing and that is your sleep hygiene. It refers to the atmosphere you set for yourself before going to bed. As an example, you could be done with your day’s tasks, journaling, tidying up, etc.—after which you will need to put your phone away, minimize blue light, and adjust the temperature of your room to make yourself feel comfortable and don’t forget to switch off the lights!


It’s definitely not easy to establish night routines, especially when you’re super busy with other things but with enough intention and discipline, you can make your days a lot simpler. However, the benefit of routines and patterns is that the more you maintain them, the simpler they seem. They get so ingrained in your day that it becomes difficult to avoid them.

So keep at it. You may think it is tiresome at first, but you'll discover that having a decent night routine will make your days go much more smoothly. So, while you’re successfully attempting to develop a night routine, you can outsource the cleaning duties to professionals like us at Moni’s Cleaning Service. This will be one less task to do at night especially if you’ve arrived home after a long day at work.

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