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8 Cleaning Tips Every Cat or Dog Owner Should Know!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

As much as you love your pet, we understand how overwhelming it can be for you to keep your house in a clean state. This indeed is one of the biggest challenges, with pet hair, dander, muddy paws, and foul odor propagating the house.

Cleaning your house to bring it into an immaculate state might almost seem impossible. Don’t worry! These practical solutions are an incredible way to attain a clean and hygienic house while at the same time letting your pets live freely!

1. Remove Pet Hair With A Lint Roller

Many pet owners ubiquitously face the problem of tons of pet hair present on their furniture and upholstery. A universal concern of everyone is to find a way to deal with this mess.

A lint roller can help you pick up the hair from almost all surfaces. This technique makes cleaning relatively quick and efficient, so remove all the sticky hair from your living room sofa and your new rug as well as your car seats. Believe us; this method is more convenient than pulling out an entire vacuum. It is best to use a lint roller or even a small hand-held vacuum to keep your surfaces clean for daily cleaning purposes.

2. Knock Off Dirt At The Door

Has your pet gone for an evening stroll outdoors? Are you flustered to put up another round of wiping and sweeping when your pet steps in?

Pets tend to accumulate tons of mud and dirt on their paws, bringing the mess inside the house, and we know how daunting it can be. Here's a tip for dealing with the mess. Place a mat both inside and outside your door. Along with that, keep a container of water outside your door with a towel. Make sure to dip your little puppy's paws in the container and wipe off any dirt using the towel before entering the house.

The doormats would collect any leftover debris. This way, you wouldn't have to spend hours scrubbing the dirt off your floor. Of course, your little buddy would also eventually get trained and would be wary of getting their paws cleaned before stepping in.

3. Wash All Pet Toys And Collars

We diligently take care of the hygiene of our pets, but how often do we wash their belongings? Deep cleaning your pet's toys and collars is incredibly vital to prevent the spread of germs. One fast and reliable way is to clean all your pet-related items in the dishwasher.

However, you need to do some deep cleaning occasionally. Take a bucket and soak the collars, toys, and other items in hot water with a few drops of dog shampoo for around one hour. Next, rinse everything thoroughly. This would leave all your pet belongings sparkling clean and germ-free.

4. Brush Your Pets Regularly

Most breeds of cats and dogs tend to shed a lot of hair. Therefore, they need to be groomed regularly to mitigate the spread of pet hair all-around your house.

It is ideal to scoop up your pet fur about 5 times a week. Brushing your cat or dog not only curtails the mess around your space but also prevents certain health problems in the little one, such as constipation or hairballs. You'll be amused to note how they love to be brushed. Taking this as an adorable gesture, it paves more room for bonding time.

5. Groom Your Dog With A Vacuum

Many pet experts have suggested using a vacuum to brush off pet hair. Using an upholstery attachment on your pet dog or cat is a more convenient, faster, and efficient way to get rid of the hair.

This way, the vacuum gently sucks up any loose hair and allergens on your pet's body, giving it a dapper look! (Of course if they can stand to be near the vacuum!)

6. Protect Your Doors And Walls From Scratches

Having #cats or #dogs around means, it's quite usual for your furniture to have scratch marks. Despite all the love you have for your pet, you wouldn't want your house to look like an unkept dog station.

For the scratches and claw marks that have already been embedded on your wooden doors, use gel stains and varnish. Rub gently on the surface and leave it on. The gel stains would match with the existing polish. However, to prevent any further damage, coat your doors with a sheet of plastic. Readily available at any home store, get a 1/8th inch or Plexiglas sheet that fits immaculately on the door surface. It's best to cut the sheet a little higher than your dogs can reach to protect your doors adeptly.

7. Handy Cat Litter Cleanup

Cat owners know how challenging it can be to keep the litter box from stinking and turning into a toxic smelling dump. Even the daily cleaning ritual might not be sufficient to keep the foul odors away.

Here's a nifty trick that can make your life much simpler. Instead of directly pouring litter in the litter pan, line it with a large garbage bag, and dispose of it when the cat is done feeding. This can save you considerable clean-up time. Regardless, you still need to follow a deep cleaning ritual every two weeks or so. To do so, empty the container and fill it with a bleach solution for some time before thoroughly washing it. Then, enjoy a clean, hygienic, and odor-free home!

8. Use Baking Soda To Neutralize Odors

Having pets around can produce lots of foul smells around. The problem aggravates when your house has a funky smell spread throughout. It's not just the pet room that gives off unpleasant odors but also the couch, carpets, and other upholstery.

Here's a handy trick to eliminate any lurking smell and bacteria dwelling on your sofa. Use baking soda to get rid of the pesky smells lingering around. Sprinkle a generous amount on the surfaces with the foul odor and vacuum it after half an hour.

Using white vinegar can also have a similar effect. Spray a good amount on the sofa or carpet and then leave it to dry. This would amazingly leave your furniture odor-free while remarkably removing some stubborn stains.

Have a #CleanHouse with Your Pets!

Follow these amazing techniques and enjoy a spotless house with a healthy atmosphere. No more nasty smells or pet hair stuck here and there!

At Monis Cleaning Service, we are dedicated to assist you achieve cleaner, healthier homes in nominal budgets to give you a stress-free life taking care of you and your family. So connect with us today to avail our services!

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