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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Hiring a professional cleaning team is perhaps one of the easiest ways to give your house a nice #deepclean so that it appears fresh and pleasant. However, if you want your cleaners to do their job on time and efficiently, there are certain things that you can do before their arrival.

Listed below are some best practices you could follow before your #cleaningteam arrives at your site.

  • Organize Your Home

When we say that you must organize, that just means to do a quick tidy up—including doing the dishes, cleaning off the countertops, and leaving no other mess behind so that it’s easier for the cleaning team to do their job.

  • Keep Your Pets Elsewhere

If you have pets that do not like human contact or aren’t used to seeing a lot of people, make sure you have a plan in place to keep them in a place where they will feel comfortable.

  • Communicate Your Requirements to Your Cleaning Team

Although most cleaning companies have plans in place to communicate with their employees effectively, you may still need to convey the minor details to the service provider you hire so they can inform the respective team assigned for the job.

They say communication is key, which should be the basis for every deal that requires a two-way exchange of words. For example, if you have specific requirements or requests, you definitely will have to convey this to your cleaning team.

  • Make Your Home Accessible To the Cleaning Team

It is imperative to ensure that the cleaning team can access your home at all times. Make sure you prevent potential lockouts. Most cleaning teams allow you to sign up for recurring cleans where you’re required to give them a key to your house, which is kept with your home file.

  • Place Fragile Items in A Safe Place

Suppose you have any precious decorative pieces placed on tall furniture and tables. In that case, you need to put them away in a safe space, maybe a cupboard or an empty compartment in the house, so that the team doesn’t accidentally damage the items. This is particularly true for the fragile items around your home.


Once you consider the best practices discussed above, your cleaning team will be surely to thank you!

At Moni’s Cleaning Service, we welcome all requests and concerns our customers might have. Before our team arrives at the respective site, they make sure that the owners are well aware of their arrival to prepare their home before the cleaners enter.

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