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Eco-Friendly VS. Harsh Chemical Cleaners - 6 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Works the Best

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

#Ecofriendly #homecleaners are arguably better than the harsh chemicals we use to keep our house neat. The point is clear and convincing that eco-friendly cleaners are not just good for the environment but also for the people of the house, including children, elders, and of course…you.

In our fast-moving worlds, we prefer things that get the dirt off in an instant without much hassle. This may make us fill our trolley with chemicals that promise to clean the dirt, eradicating germs and harmful bacteria, but are they a threat to our family members, including our pets?

Mostly, we don't realize what we are bringing home when choosing cleaners that are highly likely to be loaded with harsh chemicals. Instead, what we see is their deception of being capable of removing dirt and bacteria.

Surely, they must be great at it, but at the same time, they are more harmful than we know. Read further to explore why eco-friendly cleaning is better than having chemical cleaners for a healthy home.

6 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Cleaning is Better than Chemical Cleaners

Before you make a choice between eco-friendly home cleaning or products that contain harsh chemicals, we give you 6 reasons why eco-friendly cleaning is better than chemical cleaners.

#1 Safer for Children and Pets

Biodegradable cleaning products are better than chemical cleaners since they do not cause irritation reactions in your children and your pets.

The substances found in chemical cleaners often cause skin irritation and stimulate respiratory and digestive irritation reactions to your kids and pets.

How Are Pets At Threat?

Cats, dogs, fish and turtles are common pets that nearly every household has. Chemical cleaners can damage their respiratory and digestive systems before you even realize it.

Substances such as sodium sulfate directly affect aquatic animals, causing damage to them both acutely and chronically. While sodium sulfate makes life difficult for aquatic pets, other pets are at high risk of developing reproductive health problems due to compounds like phthalates.

How Are Kids At Threat?

Chemical compounds can be a more significant threat to kids since it is nearly impossible to keep them away from harmful substances due to their never-ending curiosity.

In their expedition to explore these chemical cleaners, kids are prone to:

● Swallowing the cleaners

● Adopting skin irritation due to contact with chemical cleaners

● Inflammatory eyes due to fumes in the air, etc.

#2 Keeps Air Clean

Chemical cleaners contain harsh and strong substances that eradicate stains like they never existed. In addition, such substances release fumes in the air, polluting it and making it hard to breathe when the lid is off the cleaner's bottle, or the floor is mopped.

Using eco-friendly cleaners saves you from breathing in any harmful chemical fumes since they are made of eco-friendly or green products. Chemical cleaners may not be air pollutants, but the substances present in those cleaners may cause acute damage to the users through the passage of air.

Keep your air from being polluted by harmful chemical fumes that chemical cleaners contain. Use eco-friendly products and be worry-free about fumes polluting your home environment.

#3 Pay Less for Good

Eco-friendly home cleaners will save you a penny. But, unfortunately, when you fill your trolley with chemical cleaning products, you unwittingly are making a much more expensive purchase.

Why buy something expensive that can cause unfavorable circumstances to us when you can buy much cheaper and healthier products? Buying eco-friendly cleaners is a choice of wisdom.

Spend less and buy products that ensure a healthy household environment and give up on purchasing expensive, not-so-user-friendly chemical products that cause acute and chronic damage to both your home environment and your loved ones.

#4 Sets You Free From Chemical Odor

Nobody likes the sharp, pungent smell of chemical cleaners that diffuses into the air right after the lid is removed from the chemical bottles. Who wouldn't want to have a better cleaning product that not only smells good or at least does not make breathing impossible but also ensures a healthy home environment?

Switch from your regular chemical cleaner to eco-friendly cleaning methods and products. You will notice the ease of respiration with products that do not suffocate you with their chemical fumes.

Let yourself breathe without burning your nose with chemical odor. Eco-Friendly products are likely to have a mild smell that does not cause any respiratory infections.

#5 Gentle On Your Hands

Eco-friendly cleaners save you from burning your hands with a harsh chemical substance like chlorine. Chlorine may not be extremely harmful, but some strong cleaning bleaches tend to burn your skin.

You may not get a proper burn, but skin irritation will be no less agonizing than having your hand burnt. Why use something that's rather harsh on your hands when they need soft and gentle care?

Eradicate chemical cleaners to avoid burning sensations on every use and adopt eco-friendly cleaning methods to ensure gentle care of your hands.

#6 The Results Last Longer - So Do Your Belongings

The surface you clean with strong chemicals tends to leave its molecular strength and begin to display signs of damage. You will notice a color change on the surface, or you will see how your things start to fall apart.

Why let your belongings suffer from harsh chemical cleaners when you can adopt natural, eco-friendly methods to keep your household not just clean but healthy as well.

When you use eco-friendly cleaning methods, you give extra lives to your belongings. Their life may not increase, but they will surely not decrease due to harmful chemical substances.

The Final Word!

You do want to eradicate stains that are not willing to leave your floor or surfaces that easily while also ensuring a germ-free home environment. However, what you surely don't want is to watch your belongings get damaged by the effects of home cleaners that contain harsh chemicals.

Using eco-friendly home cleaners are better than using products that include chemicals that not only damage your floor and surfaces but are also harsh on your skin, your family members, including your kids and pets, and most importantly, you since you are more likely to come into contact with such cleaners.

Adopting eco-friendly cleaning is healthy for both your belongings and loved ones. There is a wide range of eco-friendly products available that ensure healthy cleaning of your house, keeping you and the environment safe from damage.

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