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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The tons of toys lying around one’s home can become a real challenge if they don't get back to their rightful place at the end of the day. Children love to play, explore and, above all, create a mess out of all the toys they have, with little sense of cleaning up after playtime.

We understand how overwhelming it can become when your place is in absolute chaos. You really don't want this to become a problem. Fortunately, we've got some amazing storage hacks and organizing solutions to eliminate the mess and create a tidier, happier, and more systematic home.

1. Practice Toy Rotation regularly

Your children might have a vast collection of toys in their nursery, but are they excited to play

with each one? In fact, children tend to get overwhelmed when too many choices are available to play with. And besides, they might lose interest in the toy, seeing it resting on the shelves for ages.

Utilize the storeroom or higher cabinets to store and rotate toys while keeping only a few in the play zone at a time. Introduce a new set of toys to your children next week, and you'll be stunned how they will enjoy playing with them.

This helps spark the interest of the children while keeping them motivated. Rotating toys and the wait to attain them can serve as an excellent incentive for the kids to obey your instructions.

2. Keep the Toys Accessible

Toys are meant to be played with, so you don't want to keep them out of reach of your children. Keep them at kids' level where they can easily grab them, rather than making it a challenge where it’s a struggle each time to take the toys out from the higher shelves, behind doors, or stacked up in a pile of containers, making it arduous to reach the box on the bottom.

This also makes tidying up simpler as the children know and can keep each item back in the designated place on their own.

3. Organize Toys by Category

It can become a terrible clutter when the toys have no allotted place and are all dumped into one big basket. This needs to be dealt with to keep your playroom organized.

Place different sorts of toys in separate storage containers. Sort out the building blocks, cars, learning toys, stuffed animals, dolls, balls, crafts material and classify them into boxes. Labeling them can help make the organization even more sustainable for the future.

Doing this would mitigate the mess in your playroom each time after the play session since the children know where to find each category of toys.

4. Get Storage Bins and Organizers

With the plethora of toys to categorize and organize, the best way to go about it is to place them in storage bins, baskets, containers, and organizers. You'll come across tons of options available, but it's best to consider your available space and the kind of toys you need to store.

For the longer run, investing in a piece of furniture that can serve as an impeccable storage unit can be your best organizing friend. Whether it’s a shelving unit, ottomans, or under-bed drawers, you can easily store different kinds of toys without creating clutter.

Plastic containers and big baskets are a great storage unit for sizable toys that would otherwise just lie around. Put toys that come in sets like blocks, legos, and tons of cars in separate storage containers. You could even designate a separate color storage box for each of your children so they know where to find their toys from.

Small pouches and organizing boxes are quite an effective unit for toys with smaller pieces. If you've got older children, this storage idea can be wondrous. Whether it's about keeping the dress-up materials for the dolls, craft items, a massive collection of stationary, or other small pieces, they can be a safe unit.

5. Do Not Stock Up On Broken Toys

A significant share of toys that contribute to the clutter are the ones that have been broken or have pieces missing, rendering them useless. This often means such toys are lying around randomly, having no real home, and simply adding to the mess.

Weed out on any such broken toys, and consider donating toys that your children have outgrown and no longer play with. You know these toys are intact and can be enjoyed by some other child, so why not pass it on to another child around you? If the toys are not in optimal condition, then consider donating them.

6. Set the Activity Toys by The Wall

Your toy room doesn't always have to look all spruced up. It should give a playful vibe the moment your children enter it. If you've got sufficient space to align all your toys, then make the best use of it. For the big items like the dollhouses, play kitchen set, tool table, drawing board, and other activities, line them nicely along the room's perimeter.

You can't expect to pack up all these toys after each use, so these stations should be accessible. They definitely add a ray of color and vibrancy to the room.

7. Involve Your Kids in Organizing the Room

Most importantly, take the assistance of your kids in organizing their room. Instilling the habit of keeping their things in an orderly manner is pivotal. This is a life skill that would go a long way with them.

Allocate them tasks depending on their age. It could be as simple as categorizing the items and placing them in their specific storage units.

A cluttered play place should be discouraged as it hampers the imagination of young children, and doesn’t even make playing fun. Instead, you need to teach them to organize their toys and clear up the space once they're done.

Organize Your Kid's Toys like A Pro

We hope that these small, yet effective, tips will help you transform your kids' room into an organized play place rather than an absolutely chaotic one. All you need to do is a little bit of sorting, categorizing, and organizing, and you can create an incredibly cordial atmosphere for your kids.

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