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Ready To Clear Out Junk Closets? 7 Tips to Help You Get Started

Opening the door to a highly crammed #closet is not a pleasant feeling - especially when you're in a hurry for a meeting and just can't seem to find that blazer.

For many of us, this is quite a prevalent issue; unorganized and cluttered closets, with piles of clothes, shoes, and bags here and there.

An utmost desire to tidy up your closet not only to make it aesthetically pleasing but also to make life simpler lies in the hearts of all of us. Instead of wasting hours finding that one best pair of jeans that’s lost amidst the dump, how soothing it is to just take your favorite piece in a second without any struggle?

As daunting as it seems to tidy up your closet, all you need is a little bit of time, depending on how messy and cluttered your closet is.

7 Tips to Clear Out the #JunkCloset

Explore these practical tips to clear out all the long piled-up junk in your cupboard, transitioning it into a well-organized one.

1 Empty Your Entire Closet

This might seem quite overwhelming. Taking out every single item from your crammed closet and dumping it in the room, just to keep it back again. However, having a clear visual of the items you own will let you properly sort out and filter all your things, making sure only the usable go back in the closet.

2 Wipe Out the Dust

You might not realize it, but dust and debris do tend to accumulate on the shelves, surfaces, and ceilings of the closet over time. Use a damp cloth to wipe it off clean for a new start.

3 Sort Out Into 3 Piles

With the tons of clothes that you've just dumped on the floor, there certainly are many you wouldn't be wearing again. So, to make the job simpler and quicker, make three piles - Keep, Donate/Sell and Throw away.

#Donate/Sell - This pile consists of items that don't fit you anymore or are outdated in regards to the present trend. Anything that is still in a proper condition yet you're not going to wear again will go here so that they can be reused by someone else.

If you own a lot of branded apparel or unused items that are in immaculate condition, consider selling them. Online selling platforms can help you find good customers for your products.

Throw Away - Discard all the worn-out, faded, and ripped items that cannot be reused. They will only take up extra space in your closet, so it’s better to toss them right away.

Keep - This pile would comprise of articles that you'd be using. Think of ways how you can practically, yet decorously, organize them in your closet.

The Year Rule

Sentiments play a profound role when it comes to giving away items. For instance, there’s an expensive top even though it doesn't fit you anymore, and you aren't willing to remove it from your closet.

Implement the #yearrule here.

If you haven't used it even once in the last year, and you don't seem to be needing it for the upcoming year either, it needs to go out of your closet.

4 Use Storage Organizers

Our contemporary closets comprise diverse apparel suited for specific events, from the gym wear to the corporate attire to the must-have staple pieces, all of which require ample space to fit in.

Use storage organizers and closet-specific racks readily available at home stores. You'll be amazed how they help optimize space in your closet and keep all your items compact and intact.

5 Folding vs. Hanging

Despite the convenience of hanging clothes on the rod and taking them out right away, they do take up a lot of space, leaving you with little room to stack all your apparel.

Consider folding all the wrinkle-free articles such as gym wear, casual Tees, trousers and store them in the drawer or stack them on the shelves. This way, you'll end up with a lot more vertical space. Make sure you fold correctly, or else your closet will be cluttered again real soon!

6 Sort the Items by Category

Place all the items together. For example, consider placing all your bottoms on one shelf, gym wear in one accessible rack, and all your work clothes in one section. Arrange your closet efficiently to keep everything handy. This way, you wouldn't have to fret searching for that one top that you had to wear to the dinner but couldn't find it.

7 Organize for the #Seasons

Distinct apparel for different seasons means you need to make space for a lot more clothes. Organizing your closet according to the seasons and storing the non-seasonal collection in storage bags make your closet much less cluttered. In fact, you save considerable time when choosing an outfit.

The Bottom Line!

Putting in just a little time and effort, you'll be rewarded with a decluttered, systematically arranged closet relieving you from the frustration of choosing an outfit each day. Now, all you see in front of you are apparels that you actually wear, not those that are only taking up space.

So, the next time you’re in a fix and wish to clear out your junk closet, keep these seven tips in mind to help you get started.

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