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We Love the Space Coast! - 6 Fun Things You and Your Family Can Do in Brevard County

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Located in the central-eastern portion of Florida, #BrevardCounty is not only the 10th most populated County in Florida, but is also one of the most fantastic tourist attractions and places to live. So whether you are planning a family trip, are new to the area, or have lived here for years, Brevard County ALWAYS has something awaiting for you to do right around the corner .

We love the space coast! This post tells you 6 fun things you and your family can do in Brevard County. Indeed, the place is famous for the #KennedySpaceCenter, but the list of tourist attractions does not end here.

Nonetheless, if you are short of ideas of what you could do there with your significant other and kids, then you are in the right place. Read further to explore 6 fun things you and your family can do in Brevard County.

What are some "must do's" in Brevard County?

Fun things that anyone should do in Brevard County include:

  • Visiting Brevard Zoo with Children

  • Having an opportunity to enjoy quality time with your better half on the Indian River Queen Paddle Boat

  • Visiting Kennedy Space Center (of course)

  • Enjoying Fish charters and tours

  • Beating the summer heat on the Cocoa Beach — can be visited in winters too

  • Going on cultural tours

  • Visiting museums and parks

  • Going on water tours and enjoying cruises

  • Exploring nature and wildlife in the County

These are just a few things mentioned here. Brevard County has several places for you to enjoy a worthy family trip. Read further to explore the 6 fun things you could do with your family in the County.

6 Fun Things You and Your Family Could Do in Brevard County

#1 Enjoy A Trip To Kennedy Space Center

Kids always want to know what astronauts experience and what life in space is like. To satisfy their curiosity and give them an unforgettably fantastic family trip experience, Kennedy Space Center is the best option. This is not only incredible for the kids but is also amazing for the adults.

#2 Explore the Brevard Zoo with Kids

With over 900 species of animals from all around the world, Brevard zoo is not just an exciting place for your kids but you and your significant other as well. If you are in Brevard County already and have not visited the Brevard Zoo, you are totally missing out. The zoo is an open-air habitat for the animals residing in the zoo.

You experience extraordinarily remarkable animal feeding, kayaking, and much more.

#3 Explore Museums

There's a long list of museums that are must-go-to attractions. To narrow down your struggle, we have mentioned a list of museums that families must visit when traveling to or living in Brevard County.

  1. Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum

  2. U.S Air Force Space and Missile Museum

  3. The Dinosaur Store

  4. American Police Hall of Fame

  5. Trent Art Gallery

  6. Space Shuttle Atlantis

#4 Try Cruising and Sailing

This space coast is not limited to air crafts, the world of space, astronauts, and missiles. It is more than that. There are several high-ranked places for fishing, sailing, cruising, and enjoying water sports with your family. You can go fishing or sailing on various spots, including:

  • Fin and Fly Fishing Charters

  • Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charter

  • Fin Expeditions

  • Cocoa Kayaking

  • Ron Jon Surfing School

  • Slightly Obsessed Fishing Charters

  • SUP Eco Adventures

#5 Have a Romantic Experience with Your Significant Other

Brevard County welcomes you to some romantic places that you can enjoy with your better half. Dine-in with your loved ones, try surfing, kayaking, and boating with them, explore theme parks, stroll around the beach, watch the sunset together, and the list goes on.

Here's a list of places that you should explore with your better half when you are in Brevard County.

  • Victory Casino Cruises

  • Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

  • Alan Shepherd Beachfront

  • Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

  • #Melbourne Beach Pier

  • Black Point Wildlife Drive

  • Paradise Beach and Park

#6 Explore (also) Some Amazing Tourist Attractions?

Apart from the fun things mentioned above that you could try with your family, here's a list of few places that no one should ever miss if they visit Brevard County.

  • Cocoa Beach Public Library

  • The Dinosaur Store

  • Melbourne Beach Pier

  • Jetty Park and Beach Pier

  • Lori Wilson Park

  • Exploration Tower

  • Turkey Creek Sanctuary

  • Canaveral Lock

The Takeaway!

The Space Coast of Florida, Brevard County, is among the most famous places for having several fantastic tourist attractions and backyard fun for local residents. You not only get to explore the astronomical world, but also get to enjoy a worthy family time.

Visiting Brevard County has been a life-altering experience for the tourists as well as a playground for local residents. Planning a trip to Florida? Brevard County should be the first place to come to your mind. Moving to Brevard County or already live here and ready to explore? Prepare for lift off and let's get exploring in 3....2....1!

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