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7 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Holiday Decorations

#Decorating for the holiday season can be real fun - until it turns into a challenge to dig deep in to find those gorgeous ornaments. You certainly don't want this time of the year to turn from festive to frustrating.

Remember the last time the holiday season was over, you shoved off all the decorations from the lights and trees to the garlands and crafts into a gigantic carton and dumped it in the attic?

As tempting as it seemed back then, the struggle of trudging down the decorations can be real the next season.

To help you stop being a party hoarder and immaculately organize all your holiday season decorations, we've created a list of clever storage solutions. So go through these amazing #tips and make sure your #holiday supplies are well-sorted and organized.

1. Keep Your Ornaments Carefully in A Storage Box

If you're willing to spend some extra bucks and invest in an #ornament organizer, this could help you go a long way with your dainty and fragile festive ornaments. A multilayered chest designed with fabric padding and lined trays can safely accommodate all your ornaments of any size.

However, we understand if you're not willing to spend additional money on fancy ornament storage, so here's another practical solution.

Scrupulously wrap each of your ornaments with a bubble wrap sheet – or even a newspaper. Then arrange them properly in a sturdy box - with the most fragile ones on the top. Try using a transparent box so that you can quickly figure out what’s in the container.

This way, you won’t damage or lose any of your exotic pieces.

2. Make Sure the Lights Are Untangled

Over the years, you would’ve collected a massive collection of lights. But ask yourself, do all of these work? How many are still dumped in the cupboard, waiting to be sorted out from the huge mess?

The first step is to clear your clutter of lights by sorting out and untangling the multitude of intertwined strands. Then, make separate piles for each, keeping the similar strands together.

After you've figured out which ones to keep, find out a way to store them. For example, you could wrap each separate strand around a rectangular piece of cardboard and collectively store them in a box. Or, you could simply roll each strand and place it in a separate plastic bag, properly labeled.

3. Label Your Collections Properly

No matter how proficiently you set up all your decorations in separate boxes, decorating on holidays can become a strenuous hassle if these boxes are not labeled and sorted out properly.

To avoid any perplexity during your cherishing moments, sort all your decorations according to the holiday - from #Christmas to Easter to Halloween to Thanksgiving and so on.

Secondly, make sure you store your boxes in a way that they are easily retrievable. Make all the items that you need accessible. As an example, don't dump the Christmas tree far underneath the ornaments box. That's what you would need first to begin working on your holiday decor.

4. Protect Your Ornaments from Damage

Your party decorations are pretty valuable and can be damaged by exposure to moisture, mildew, water, or extreme temperatures. To protect your decorations from breakage or any such damage, make sure to use protective containers when storing them in the attic.

If you don't store your silverware carefully, you'll find them tarnished the next time you want to decorate them. To save yourself from tons of polishing next year, use Tarnish Protecting Pouches made of Pacific Silvercloth.

You could also use anti-tarnish strips and place them in sealed plastic packets with your ornaments to keep them in an immaculate condition for the following years.

5. Shield Fabrics from Moisture

Pay special heed when storing your fabric decorations such as table cloths, tree skirts, and other linen. Keep them dry and avoid wrapping them in the plastic where they can trap moisture and get ruined by mold and mildew.

To safely keep your gorgeous tablecloths and that exorbitant sparkly tree skirt, place them in a hanging vacuum storage bag. Free yourself from the struggle of folding these items and dumping them while simultaneously defending them against moisture, dust, and moths!

6. Get Creative with Your Storage Containers

You don't have to dump all your decorations into one large bin to go through the process of searching through the clutter when you need them. Play smart and utilize the plethora of storage items available. You don't necessarily have to purchase them, just look around your house, and you'll find plenty of options.

  • Store the hooks, pins, twist ties, and other small knick-knacks in mason jars or empty metal cans.

  • An even better way to keep them all together is to use a plastic storage case with multiple compartments. Escape from the hassle of collecting those metal hooks all scattered in the massive box.

  • Use a ribbon dispenser with adjustable interior dividers to organize your fascinating collection of ribbons, keeping them in a perfect, wrinkle-free state. Easy to dispense out the ribbon you need, you can keep an eye on your collection.

  • The tons of wrapping sheets that you saved from last year have now turned out to be all crinkled? Here's a nifty trick to deal with this.

Use a hanging organizer to neatly store all your crafts, wrapping sheets, gift bags, greeting cards, etc., to keep them compact and safe. Then, next time you need a wrapping sheet, you can roll out a pristine one from your enchanting collection.

A Pro-Tip

Since all these items are universal decorations, don't put them with specific holiday decorations. Instead, assign a separate closet for all these recurring decorations where they are easily accessible, so you don't have to go through the hassle of searching them each time.

7. Lastly, Declutter!

It might seem hard to part ways with some of your favorite party decorations. This is often true in particular after all, they are more than just ornaments and embellishments, with a lot more sentimental value attached to them.

But at the same time, you know you won’t be using them next year or even after that. The condition of your favorite tree has either deteriorated or that dainty decorative has cracked, or those lights that no longer work and have been waiting to be fixed for ages, all need to be removed from your holiday collection.

It might be disheartening to discard all that was once valuable ruthlessly, but honestly, this decluttering would make planning for your next holiday a simple process.

Store Your Festive Decorations Rightly!

Save yourself from the hassle of stowing out your holiday decorations with these useful hacks. All you need is to put in a little bit of time and effort to make your job simpler for the next season.

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