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Whether you're a cleanliness freak who wants every nook and cranny of the house to be well organized or one who hardly finds time to regularly organize the place, an unkempt, disheveled, and cluttered home can seriously get on your nerves.

Regardless of how frequently you tend to make attempts to organize all the areas of your house meticulously, sometimes you just seem to be stuck in a decluttering slump. But, don't worry, attaining a clutter-free home is not as arduous as it may seem.

Adopt these few tried and tested tricks and cunning organization hacks to spruce up your house and get rid of what makes up huge piles of clutter.

1. Control the Clutter Coming In!

In the first place, take stringent steps to stop letting the clutter in. Obviously, all the junk that’s entering your house doesn't announce its arrival beforehand, but you need to make smart assessments regarding the choice to keep or right away discard what seems as a useless item for you. If you choose to keep it, make sure it has a destined place to go in, rather than sitting on the living room shelf for ages.

If you just keep on hoarding clutter, you'll find it terribly hard to keep your space well-kempt and organized.

2. Assign a Spot for all the Junk Items

What to do about all the random items that are found across your home, from the receipts, hairpins, battery cells, tools, wires, tapes, and so much more?

Here's an ideal hack.

While in a constant strive to keep your home clutter-free, you need to designate a spot in your home to collect everything that doesn't have a relevant place.

A drawer in the living room console can serve the purpose well. Or, you could even place a junk container near the front door, but that doesn't seem to suit the aesthetics of many. Any odds and ends that you find around the house that don't seem to have a place elsewhere need to be accumulated here.

Make sure to conduct a regular weekly cleanup of this spot to get rid of all the useless items.

3. Use Storage Friendly Furniture

Regardless of how many storage units you own, it is a common struggle to feel short of space to accommodate all your belongings. Therefore, it's great to invest in furniture that provides additional built-in storage, such as beds with side drawers, an ottoman with a hollow storage space, or iron stands with cabinets.

Having everything put systematically in place gives your house an orderly sight, rather than one where you've got piles of items accumulated here and there.

4. Use Baskets and Storage Containers

There are numerous DIY options as well as a range of storage organizers available. Make use of these baskets and containers to sort out everything correctly, from the toys to the pantry, your wardrobe to the linen closet, and even organizing toiletries in the bathroom.

Sort out different kinds of toys and place them in separate containers, use baskets to set different kinds of bed linen and towels to keep the closet well organized. To keep your wardrobe intact, there is a plethora of storage equipment available to compactly store your collection of bags and scarfs.

Don't forget the pantry and the mudroom, which tend to get chaotic quite soon. Label all the items properly in the pantry so that they can be accessed right away.

5. Put It Away In The Right Place

If you're overwhelmed by the incessant mess your house is always in, here's a tip that would make your life much simpler. If you take out something from its place, make sure to keep it back, rather than mindlessly leaving it on the nearby counter or table to keep it back later on.

You might not realize it, but this is what gives a rather cluttered look to your house. Inculcating the life-changing habit of placing the belongings back in an orderly manner would make your home clutter-free.

6. Place Like Things Together

When organizing your house, do it meticulously to give it a sustainable arrangement. Categorizing each item and placing the likes together makes it much easier to pull out what you need.

  • For example, when arranging the utensils in the kitchen cabinets, put all the cooking pots in one cabinet and the serving dishes in the other. Do not compress all the plates, bowls, and teacups in one cupboard, as this would only make it a hassle for you to take things out each time.

  • Work in a similar manner with your closet. Allocate one section for the bags and another for the shoes. Put all your jeans and trousers in one rack to make sorting easier, and hang the tops and shirts of similar categories together. You'll be delighted to see how convenient managing your wardrobe can become.

  • When arranging your bookshelves, give some extra time to sort out all the books you have according to the relevant categories. From the fictional to the classics, magazines, and children's literature, all need to be labeled rightly. Doing so would make sure you don't struggle to search your desired book each time.

7. Go Digital

The tons of paper in the mail, newspapers, documents, utility bills, and brochures rolling around on the surface are one of the biggest sources of a cluttered house.

You might not realize it, but the junk in your mail can be abundant, with a large influx of random papers in your house. Stay on top of your mail by regularly checking it, and getting rid of all the unimportant papers that would otherwise lie untouched in the drawers for months to come.

More so, stop collecting papers that you can easily access on your phone. Instead, either take pictures or download these documents from the internet, such as menus, recipes, bank brochures, and user manuals. You'll be stunned to observe how getting rid of piles of paper in the living room drawers can leave you with ample storage.

8. Make Regular Donations

Don't accumulate stuff that is no longer of any utility to you, hoping that it might come to use someday. This might include some clothing you've not worn since the last two years, or old utensils that are no longer in use, or those intertwined wires that don't seem to fit anywhere.

Set up a box where you can regularly deposit items that don't seem to be of any use to you now. Once the box is full, donate it to a nearby charity center every three to six months. This way, you can avoid overfilling your closets, and your home would have considerable room to prevent new items from overflowing everywhere.

Enjoy a Clutter-Free Home!

All you need is a little bit of diligent effort, a positive attitude, and the right storage units to attain an absolutely clutter-free house. Make these efficient hacks a part of your everyday routine, and you'll be amazed to maintain a clutter-free home.

Enjoy your valuable time with your family and things you love and divert your energies towards your productive goals rather than spending hours every day to clean up the never-ending clutter.

Here's to a well-organized, spruced up, and pristine house!

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